Cafe Press stuff and Kay Nielsen

We’re resolved to update this blog more often in 2009.  So here’s what we’ve been up to.

Seb has been working on the Cafe Press site.  He added John Bauer and Kay Nielsen calendars to the Cafe Press site. People seem to like them. However, we got a return on one of the mugs so we ordered — one of the most popular patterns, too.  So we wanted to check the quality of the mugs ourselves and ordered one. After two passes through the microwave, a small crack appeared. So we’ve taken all the mugs off the pages.  I thought the printable area was a little small, anyway. We’ll look around for a better vendor for the mugs.

Seb also added some “keepsake boxes” and is adding some packs of notecards for each of the artists. Here are some of the images he’s added for notecards.

Edmund Dulac Note Cards

Edmund Dulac Note Cards

Arthur Rackham Note Cards

Arthur Rackham Note Cards

Sulamith Wulfing Note Cards

Sulamith Wulfing Note Cards

XineAnn has been working on William Morris tile.  She hopes to have the tile up and available in a few weeks.  Sir Edward Burnes-Jones did a series of fairy tale panels for William Morris: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. The first Beauty and the Beast tiles are almost ready. We were surprised that Burnes-Jones did not one, but several versions of these tiles, for various installations. We’ve picked what we thought were the best for our series.

In addition, XineAnn is adding all of Kay Nielsen’s In Powder and Crinoline by Sir Arthur Quiller Couch,to the Nielsen page on Art Passions, as well as making more of the prints available on the Nielsen page at Artsy Craftsy.  The illustrations to In Powder and Crinoline were not commissioned.  Rather, Kay Nielsen was so taken with the stories that he originated the illustrations.  The fairy tale book that resulted was never intended for children. Such books were intended as gift books and printed on thick rag paper, with the craftsmanship of the printing process rivaling that of the illustrations themselves.

We want to wish you all a very happy New Year and that your dreams do come true this year. We know the past year was a year of changes and not all of them good.  It’s shaken us out of our complacency and we’ve looked at what really matters to us and we’re thankful for that and for our friends who means so much to us. We believe that the economy is reaching its bottom and things are about to turn around and when it does, it will be authentic.

We wish you all the best,

Seb and XineAnn

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