About Art Passions

Fairy Tales are the myths we live by

Art Passions is primarily about artists and illustrators whose works we grew up with;  the works of Arthur Rackham, Gustave Dore, William Morris, Aubrey Beardsley, John Bauer, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen, Adrienne Segur, Sulamith Wulfing, Warwick Goble, the Preraphaelites and others. Here, the Art Passions blog, is where we discuss updates on some of our projects, new artists, products, links to our poetry, hopes and dreams, and anything else that pops into our heads.

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The Art Passions Home Page
Fine Art Prints & Tile
Calendars, Journals and Other Life Necessities,
Holiday fairy and fairytale gifts, different calendars, cards and postage, fairy and fairytale swag

Maxfield ParrishJohn BauerKay Nielsena href=”http://dore.artpassions.net”>Gustve Dore

2 responses to “About Art Passions

  1. do you have an RSS feed?


    J’aimerais savoir qui est ANNE ANDERSEN a t-elle un rapport familial
    J’ai besoin de ces informations pour ma fille de 12 ans qui doit faire un
    exposé demain
    Merci beaucoup

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